What To Expect in International Shipping?


We’ve all shipped something in our lives at one point but shipping locally and globally are two very different things. For one thing, international shipping is definitely more expensive but else should you expect when shipping to a different country? If knowing what and why you are paying more for international shipping, read more about it below

What charges should you expect?

You should keep in mind a couple of charges related to your shipping that can be more expensive when it comes to international shipping. One of the common charges that you should expect in shipping internationally, especially if you are using an express courier such as FedEx, UPS, or Global Pack Ship, is the surcharge for fuel and if you are shipping to a remote area. Usually calculated as a percentage of the entire shipping costs, fuel surcharge usually varies depending on the country that you are shipping to. Another shipping charge that you can opt-in to is the insurance. By adding additional insurance to your international shipment, you can cover potential loss or damage during the process.


With international shipping, there are duties and taxes that someone has to pay for. These may all vary depending on the courier and the regulations in the country you are shipping to. In addition to this, couriers may consider two types of international shipment, which are DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) and DDP (Delivery Duty Paid).

If you prefer to have the recipient responsible for paying the taxes and duties for the shipment that you sent, you would want to opt in to a DDU shipment. In this kind of shipment, you wouldn’t have to worry about additional charges coming from your courier, but you have to remind the recipient about the fees as someone still needs to pay for them.

If you are feeling generous though, you can always opt in for a DDP shipment where you will be responsible for paying the taxes and duties for the shipment and everything that the courier will pay on your behalf when the shipment arrives at the chosen country.

Global Pack Ship

International shipping is one of the services Global Pack Ship offers. Our team is fully-trained in different kinds of shipment and is transparent with all the costs that you will have to come across. Global Pack Ship provides you proper packing, documents, and the guarantee that your shipment will arrive safe and sound!

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