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Antique Shipping | Boston, MA

Antique Shipping in Boston, MA

Your Next Antique Shipment, Handled by Experts

It takes a team of professional experts to handle, properly package, and transport your high-value items and antiques. A Grandfather clock, an original Gutenberg Bible, a Ming Dynasty Vase, or a very old and large hutch, we can handle it! If you do not know how to handle these items, it can mean disaster for you.

Art Galleries, Auction Houses, and Museums come to us to safely package and ship fragile and delicate items to any place in the world. Before we move or touch anything, we begin by fully assessing what we are dealing with first to provide the appropriate mode of transportation, packaging materials, and container to be able to ship the item as safely as possible.


Did you know that anything shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL or the US Postal Service must be packed well enough to sustain a 4-foot drop without breaking?

The staff at Global Pack Ship are expertly trained in all aspects of packaging, and we specialize in packing/crating and shipping antique clocks, crystal, fine china, lamps, sculptures and other fragile items. We serve many Art Galleries, Auction Houses and Museums.  We provide on site packing and shipping at SKINNER AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS.


Global Pack Ship's Antique Shipping Service Standards:

  • Shipping to over 200 countries on 7 continents
  • Multi-carrier shipping options
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Easy and Affordable
  • Automated Airway bill

For packing and shipping antiques, visit the experts at Global Pack Ship.


Have A Question About Antique Shipping?

For more information on our antique shipping services, call us at 617-742-6245 or send us a message to request a quote.

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