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The Difference Between Freight and Shipping


Usually for commercial gain, freight or cargo can be defined as goods or products that are being transported via ship. Presently, this term is now being used to any means of commercial transportation of goods whether via air and land. Freight is usually broken down into two categories: air freight and freight shipments.

Shipments, however, prior to being transported, are categorized into several shipment categories. This usually depends on the type of items being transported, the size of the shipment, and how long the goods or products will be in transit. The common categories include express, household goods, parcel, and freight shipments.


Shipment can either be commercial or non-commercial. It is the general term used to refer to transportation of goods by sea. Shipping, although can be done in bulk as well, is usually for transporting small goods, usually by small to medium merchandisers.


Shipment and Freight are two interrelated terms; however, they are two entirely different methods of transporting goods from one place to another. Each one has its own pros and cons and, therefore, cannot be use interchangeably.

Both terms can refer to transportation of goods either by air, land, or water. In addition to this, modes of transport that are mostly used for freight shipments are highway freight trucks, railroad cars, and large ships carrying shipping containers.

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