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Shipping Your Artwork Shouldn't Be Hard


The day has finally come! You have found the thing that has been missing from your home. The perfect piece of art that ties all your furniture and rooms together. So, you gather up the money you have set aside for this moment, and you buy it!


But now what?

You have to think about how you can take this home, preferably in one piece and not a scratch on it. Now that you have bought this piece, all of the responsibility falls on you now and it is up to you to safely ship the artwork to your home.


First Step – Measure that piece of artwork!

This is an important first step because everything else follows in this crucial step. What you want to do is to measure, the length, width, and the height of the object, so you can select the suitable sized box or shipping tube.


Second Step – Pick out that box

Picking out the most appropriate shipping container is essential in keeping your piece of artwork damage-free in the shipping process. You want to get a box or container that are a few inches bigger than the artwork so you can put in some cushioning. In addition, you want to make sure that the container is new and sturdy to guarantee more protection.


Third Step – Layer! Layer! Layer!

You got the measurements down, you picked out the perfect sized container for your artwork, and now you have to think about protecting your artwork from the inside. The trick is to use the extra space you have inside your container to insert cushions such as bubble wraps and extra cardboards for extra protection.


Fourth Step – Shipping Options

Great job on getting your artwork all taped and boxed up! Now, time to decide on which shipping carrier you want to transport your artwork. Depending on the size of the artwork, the pricing may differ, and the mode of transportation will be different as well. Most shipping carriers upsell insurance for your precious artwork and you might want to consider getting that. This would help you have a little safety net in things that are already out of your hands.

Following these steps doesn’t guarantee anything but it will certainly lower the chances of your artwork getting damaged. Each step goes a long way and you have already spent money on this piece of artwork, a little more patience on it wouldn’t hurt.

Our team in Global Pack Ship are experts in packing and shipping artwork. We offer custom wood crating of your artwork. We know how to pack special pieces to special boxes made specifically to protect your artwork and dozens of other sizes.  


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