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Packing and Shipping Sports Equipment

The fitness trend hasn’t died down this year. In fact, more and more people are inclined to stay healthy and achieve their fitness goals. People’s preferences on their fitness routines are also different from each other. Some prefer to focus on sports, some prefer doing numerous outdoor activities, while others prefer to hit the gym instead. No matter what your preference is, one thing stays true, you need sports equipment.

Proper Packing of Sports Equipment

From exercise equipment, to mountain bikes, to skis and snowboards, properly packing them is important for a lot of reasons. Making sure that your equipment is properly packed before shipping helps prevent damages to your equipment.  In addition to this, it also helps protect the package handlers from injuries related to packaging failures. It also adds an extra layer of security to your packages.

Best Practices

  • Choose the right size of carton for your package. Make sure that the carton is big enough to handle additional product paddings and fills.

  • Include plenty of padding in your shipment. If you think that there is enough padding, add more! The best practice of shipping sports equipment, especially heavy ones is to not allow any room for the equipment to move inside the package. Use appropriate padding material such as air pillows to cushion your items.
  • Divide extra-heavy shipments into different boxes/cartons. It’s better not to push the limits of the box, especially for heavy sports equipment. Rather, use an additional box or two and divide the heavy equipment.
  • Final Inspection should be performed to all your shipments. Double checking everything and making sure everything is properly sealed before handing it off will definitely save you time and money later.

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