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Most Common Freight Shipping Problems

Customers only want one thing, mostly, which is to have their shipment reach its destination without problems. Having delays, damages, or losses can affect your business and can diminish customers’ trust. To accurately identify potential red flags, it is important to fully understand the basic shipping processes.

Most business owners do not have time to research different shipping methods or to actually ship their products. Working with a shipping company with experienced professionals can take a lot of the stress out of freight shipping. By working together, you should be able to prevent these common problems from happening:

  1. Foregoing Insurance

While the cost of insurance might seem like it will break the bank, it will surely come in handy especially if your freight is worth more than that! Your usual car insurance wouldn’t be able to cover shipments when an accident, theft, or vandalism happens.

  1. Not Using Pallets

Palletizing orders is usually a good idea but leaving a loose stack of packages in the back of a truck just means disaster. If you are shipping several small items, they should be securely attached together on a pallet to prevent damages, as well as lost shipment.

  1. Use the Wrong Address

Probably the most important and simplest thing but people still make the mistake of putting in the wrong address. Having the wrong address will result in your shipment ending up at the wrong destination and it will need to be tracked down and rerouted. If you have a deadline to meet, this can be very problematic.

  1. Neglecting an Inspection

Upon delivery, it is important for both the customer and shipping company to inspect the freight. Without integrating proper inspections during and upon delivery, the carrier will likely believe that the damage happened after being delivered.

  1. Shipping Without a Broker

Freight brokers are here to help you out to make sure your shipment is cost-efficient and safe! Brokers work extremely hard to procure the best rates for their customers.

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