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Furniture Shipping 101

The way people buy their furniture nowadays is entirely different from before and we have E-commerce to thank (?) for that. Customers are purchasing their furniture easily through their smartphones while waiting for their coffee.

Today’s customers are mostly tech-savvy and are as comfortable buying furniture online as they are a book – and they expect the same seamless shipping experience for both. The new standards to follow are fast shipping clear tracking, and easy returns. As the retail changes over the years, customers also have more access to goods from farther distance.

Keeping up with the changes and the rising customer expectations is something you must do to be successful in this industry. Follow these few simple steps to stay current on customer trends and provide a seamless delivery experience.

  1. Choose a Carrier with Experience

Carriers ship similar goods together and transport them in an efficient way that also minimizes damage. Carriers with experience know that furniture should be properly stowed and secured against the truck’s walls to avoid movement. Trucks are packed with tight, stable loads, similar to the way imported furniture arrives in shipping containers.

  1. Measure and Weigh

Carriers usually have weight and size limits so make sure that your large or heavy furniture falls within those limits. Oversized goods may be subject to a fee and could be better suited for freight shipping.

  1. Properly Pack

Presently, home furnishings are usually manufactured overseas because of cheaper labor. With that being said, imported furniture that arrive in ocean containers have been packaged to withstand ocean transit considerations like roll and lift. To protect heavy and bulky furniture, thicker cardboards for reinforcement is a good idea. You can also use a double box or a crate when appropriate for additional security. For furniture with delicate parts, we encourage you to wrap them from top to bottom with foam or bubble wrap.

  1. Ship Your Furniture Fast

To keep up with customer’s high expectations, carriers are expected to ship faster, especially in a world where same-day delivery is becoming the new norm. A statistics actually show that 64 percent of online shoppers expect orders placed by 5pm to qualify for delivery the next day.

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