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Best Way to Ship Electronics


With the holidays quickly approaching, shipping needs are sure to increase. A common gift that people wonder how to ship is electronics. Rather you’ve purchased a gaming console, cell phone, or laptop, the products are too expensive to ship incorrectly. Follow this guide to make sure that your electronics arrive to their destination safe and sound.

Double Boxing

Double boxing is a great way to limit the impact your electronic device will face during the shipping process. This involves placing your item into a box and then placing that box into another box. If you’ve purchased an item and haven’t opened it, the manufacture box can act as the first box.

Fill the Space

Use bubble wrap or paper to fill any extra space in your boxes. If you’re using the double boxing method, fill the space left between the two boxes. Open space gives your device room to slide around during transit, potentially causing damage.

Cover Buttons

If your device is accidentally turned on in transit it could be detrimental to the product. Cover all power buttons to make it impossible for them to be turned on during the shipping process. If power buttons are inside a device, such as in a laptop, just ensure the device can’t come open to expose the buttons.

Secure Batteries

Products with removable batteries should be shipped with the battery in the device. Secure the battery to make sure it won’t come loose during shipping. If the battery comes off the device and becomes damaged, it will no longer be able to power your device.

Use Original packaging

The best way to protect your device and secure all buttons and batteries is to use original manufacturer packaging. If you have to take a device out of the packaging to program it before you ship it, pay close attention to how it was packed so you’ll be able to put it back in the same way. Manufacturer packaging is designed with that specific device in mind so it’s the most secure method of shipping available.

If you’re unsure of how to protect your electronic device during the shipping process, talk with a professional. Take the device into a shipping store and ask them what they recommend. You’ll be able to purchase any padding or boxes that you need and you can even ship it while you’re there! For added safety, ask the employee to put a fragile sticker on your package before it’s shipped out.

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