Another Satisfied Client!


Global Pack Ship’s team pride themselves of being packing and shipping experts with high regards in providing excellent customer service and so much more. We are always looking for ways to improve our company, but we also celebrate great customer feedbacks. Here is what a recent client had to say about his experience:



All four lots from the recent Skinner Sale have arrived, all in perfect shape and condition. It was a real pleasure to unpack each piece, sort of like Christmas!  But more than that I could tell the care that you had put into the wrapping and packing and I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT CARE and DETAIL.

I know that it my instructions may have seemed slightly over the top, but when you consider that we have no one on this island who can repair anything, proper packing is essential. Unfortunately we have received many damaged items over the years.

I ask all the auction houses and their shippers that we deal with to pack according to our instructions for this reason. Remarkably few do it, BUT not you. You followed the instructions perfectly and I really appreciate it.

We intend to use you exclusively going forward from all sales at Skinner. Occasionally we acquire things in the Boston area from dealers and other sources, I would like to use you for those pickup, packing and shipments as well.

You are a true professional! We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you again”

- David B.  

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